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Nepenthes Black Miracle open pollinated hybrid

Nepenthes Black Miracle open pollinated hybrid

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This is an stunning and hard to find hybrid. This was labeled Nepenthes ventricosa x amplullaria 'Black Miracle' from the Tissue culture lab it was produced in. I do not think ventricosa is a parent, more likely N. Viking or globosa. The other parents is most definitely the rare N. amplullaria 'Black Miracle' cultivar with the gorgeous striped peristome.

Will arrive alive and healthy guaranteed in a 3" pot in long fibered sphagnum. All plants come fully potted and ready to go!

Sun: Nepenthes have some tolerance of varying sun conditions. Full or near to full sun works, as well as part shade. Never full shade. They can do well on a sunny south or west windowsill. Close to the window as possible. 

Water: Like all carnivorous plants they like a lot of water BUT they require less than the others. Do NOT leave this plant in a tray of water. When you water it, keep adding water until it drains out of the bottom. Water 2-3 times a week if inside. If outside 2-3 times a week unless there has been rain. If the soil dries out a little that is ok, even good, but just slightly dry. Then water until it comes gushing out of the bottom.

Soil: Soil mix should contain at least 50% long fibered sphagnum moss(Orchid moss at Home depot). The other half is a well draining component such as perlite, pumice, or orchid bark. Can be 100% sphagnum moss

Winter-care: Nepenthes should be brought inside when temperatures drop below 40.

Nepenthes can NOT survive freezing temperatures.

Feeding: These plants do not need to be fed like animals do. They will catch all the food they need. If you catch a bug for fun, go ahead and feed it! 1 osmocote pellet per pitcher can work for supplemental fertilizer if desired.   

Humidity: 60%-80% for optimal pitcher production. Florida has good humidity levels for Nepenthes. Inside growers can place a saucer full of rocks kept full of water the pot sits on to increase local humidity levels. I don't have humidity issues growing in Florida, even inside.

Consideration growing indoors: A sunny enough window, North windows do NOT go well due to lack of sun.

Salt build-up in water. If using tap water, you need to drain the soil of salts monthly. Either by pouring a gallon of distilled/rain water through the plant or taking it outside during rains.. Contact me with questions and concerns.

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