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Drosera spiralis

Drosera spiralis

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Drosera spiralis is an extraordinary and rare highland sundew native to the South American highlands. This carnivorous plant is known for its long, upright leaves that are thicker compared to North American threadleaf sundews. As the leaves emerge, they display a unique vernation, and at the base, you'll find prominent papery stipules.

When provided with optimal growing conditions, Drosera spiralis can reach an impressive height of 12-16 inches and produce large pink or purple flowers, adding to its captivating beauty. To ensure its maximum health, this sundew thrives in extremely bright light and prefers cooler overall temperatures, especially during the night.

For cultivation, Drosera spiralis enjoys full sun exposure and benefits from sitting in a dish of 2 inches of water. Its carnivorous nature makes it highly effective at capturing and controlling small flying insects that can be bothersome to humans. By incorporating Drosera spiralis into your space, you can naturally control pests without the need for chemical interventions.

Whether you're looking to add a unique and visually stunning plant to your collection or seeking a natural way to combat pesky insects, Drosera spiralis is an excellent choice. Its rare beauty, impressive size, and insect-catching abilities make it a valuable addition to any garden or indoor environment.

Size guide:

Small plants come in a 3" pot

Medium plants come in a 4" pot

Large plants will come in a 5" pot

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