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Drosera paradoxa

Drosera paradoxa

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Introducing Drosera paradoxa - A Fascinating Carnivorous PlantDrosera paradoxa is a captivating carnivorous plant endemic to the Northern Territory and Western Australia. This perennial herb features a woody stem that can reach heights of up to 12 inches (30 cm), adding a touch of elegance to any plant collection.The plant forms a single terminal rosette, with its leaves initially erect and later becoming horizontal as they age. These leaves are held at the end of linear petioles, typically measuring around 1 inch (20-35 mm) in length during flowering time. The carnivorous leaves of Drosera paradoxa are sub-orbicular and small, with widths of approximately 1/10 inch (2.5-3 mm) and lengths of 1/10 inch (2-3 mm).During the dry season, from July to September, impressive inflorescences measuring 8-16 inches (20-40 cm) in length emerge, adorned with pink or white flowers. These delicate blossoms are produced on crowded racemes, with each inflorescence showcasing 50 to 70 flowers.Drosera paradoxa is native to the west and north coasts of the Kimberley region, extending inland to Beverley Springs in Western Australia, as well as east to Arnhem Land and Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. The specific epithet "paradoxa" derives from the initial confusion surrounding the species' field observations.To successfully cultivate these plants in temperate regions, providing adequate heat is crucial. They thrive in temperatures in the mid-80s °F (low 30s °C) during summer and prefer temperatures above 65°F (18°C) at all times. However, it is worth noting that Drosera paradoxa has demonstrated impressive resilience, as I have stress-tested these plants down to temperatures as low as 35°F (1.7°C), and they have proven to survive. Despite this, it is still advisable to aim for temperatures in the above recommended range to ensure optimal growth and health.Please note that while Drosera paradoxa has shown some tolerance to lower temperatures, it's important to provide the best possible conditions to support the plant's overall well-being.Despite this challenge, Drosera paradoxa is considered one of the easier species in the group to grow, thanks to its tolerance for lower temperatures. It is a suitable choice for beginners, as are many of the hybrids within the Drosera petiolaris complex.When cultivating adult plants, it is advisable to grow them in small pots placed in trays of water. During the summer, the water level can be higher, while in winter, allowing the water to partially dry or dry out completely for a few days between waterings is beneficial. Full sun is preferred for optimal growth.Drosera paradoxa offers a fascinating and rewarding experience for plant enthusiasts, particularly those seeking to cultivate unique carnivorous plants. With the right conditions and care, this species will thrive and become a captivating addition to any collection.Size guide:Small plants come in a 3" potMedium plants come in a 4" potLarge plants will come in a 5" pot

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