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Drosera intermedia 'Roraima'

Drosera intermedia 'Roraima'

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Introducing Drosera intermedia 'Roraima': The Exquisite Sundew from Brazil's Pristine State

Discover Drosera intermedia 'Roraima,' a remarkable variety hailing from the Brazilian state of the same name. As an exquisite subspecies of the oblong-leaved sundew, spoonleaf sundew, or spatulate-leaved sundew, Drosera intermedia 'Roraima' possesses unique characteristics that set it apart. This temperate or tropical species is native to diverse regions, including Europe, southeastern Canada, the eastern half of the United States, Cuba, Hispaniola, and northern South America. Its captivating features and natural insect-trapping abilities make it an exceptional addition to any organic garden, permaculture farmscape, or eco-conscious venture.

As a perennial herb, Drosera intermedia forms a semi-erect stemless rosette, boasting spatulate leaves that reach up to 10 cm in height.

Characteristic of sundews, Drosera intermedia 'Roraima' showcases densely covered leaf blades adorned with stalked mucilaginous glands. These glands secrete a sugary nectar, luring unsuspecting insects to their captivating demise. Once ensnared by the sticky mucilage, insects find escape difficult and ultimately succumb to suffocation or exhaustion. The plant then releases digestive enzymes from its sessile glands, enabling it to absorb vital nutrients from the resulting nutrient solution. This intricate process supplements the plant's mineral nutrition, compensating for the nutrient-poor environment it naturally inhabits.

Drosera intermedia 'Roraima' blooms with breathtaking inflorescences, reaching up to 15 cm in height and adorned with 3-8 delicate white flowers. These floral displays add a touch of elegance to any garden or natural setting, further enhancing the overall allure of this captivating sundew variety.

To thrive and exhibit its full potential, Drosera intermedia 'Roraima' thrives under the radiant embrace of full sun. It requires a dish filled with approximately 2 inches of water, preferably distilled, rainwater, or reverse osmosis water with a PPM (parts per million) level of less than 50. By providing these optimal conditions, you create a suitable habitat for this sundew variety to flourish and effectively trap small flying insects like gnats and mosquitoes. Through its natural insect-trapping abilities, Drosera intermedia 'Roraima' offers an organic and eco-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals.

Drosera intermedia 'Roraima' is cold hardy in USDA zone 9, but it is advisable to protect it from hard freezes to ensure its continued health and vitality. By taking precautions during extreme cold weather, you can safeguard this remarkable sundew and enjoy its captivating presence throughout the seasons.

With its striking appearance, captivating insect-trapping mechanism, and contribution to sustainable gardening practices, Drosera intermedia 'Roraima' stands as an exceptional choice for any landscape. Whether you aim to create a mesmerizing garden, establish a permaculture farmscape, or simply reduce reliance on harmful chemicals, this exquisite sundew variety will surpass your expectations.

Embrace the allure of Drosera intermedia 'Roraima,' the sundew from Brazil's pristine state, and witness the captivating interplay between nature and its unsuspecting prey. Delight in its natural insect-trapping abilities while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Create an enchanting space that not only enthralls but also nurtures

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