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Drosera capensis 'Typical'

Drosera capensis 'Typical'

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Introducing Drosera capensis 'Wide' - The Captivating Cape SundewDrosera capensis 'Wide' is a fascinating cultivar of the Cape sundew, deriving its name from its origin in the Cape of South Africa. This perennial herbaceous plant boasts strap-like leaves, measuring up to 1.4 inches in length (excluding the petiole) and 0.2 inches in width. Like all sundews, its leaves are adorned with vibrant-colored tentacles that secrete a sticky mucilage, serving as traps for arthropods. Forming a rosette with a diameter of 7 to 10 inches, Drosera capensis 'Wide' features numerous reddish glandular eruptions on elongated leaves, reaching 2.8 inches in length and 0.2 inches in width.In its native habitat in South Africa, this captivating sundew blooms in the summer months of December and January. Its racemose inflorescences can reach heights of up to 14 inches, bearing over 50 pale-violet flowers measuring more than 0.8 inches in size. These flowers possess the unique ability to self-pollinate upon closing, resulting in the production of copious quantities of very small, spindle-shaped seeds. The mature capsules release these seeds once the flowers have withered. Drosera capensis 'Wide' thrives in locations with full sun exposure, making it an ideal addition to your garden's sunniest spots. It flourishes in nutrient-poor, waterlogged, and lime-free soils, displaying its resilience and adaptability.When an unsuspecting insect becomes trapped, the leaves of Drosera capensis 'Wide' roll lengthwise toward the center, aiding in digestion by bringing more digestive glands into contact with the prey. Within an hour, the leaf completely surrounds the ensnared prey, while the tentacles continue to move, further securing the capture. The digestion process takes well over 6 hours from the initial entrapment of the prey. It is noteworthy that this sundew has a tendency to retain dead leaves from previous seasons, and over time, the main stem can grow long and woody.The captivating secretion produced on the tentacles of Drosera capensis 'Wide' acts as both a visual signal and a chemical attractant for unsuspecting insects. The shiny appearance of the secretion in the sun, combined with the red tips of the tentacles, lures insects closer. Once an insect becomes entangled in the sticky secretion, the tentacles near the victim bend towards it until a portion of the leaf wraps around the animal. Secreted enzymes initiate the digestion process, breaking down the insect until only chitin remains. The absorption of nutrients occurs through the red tips of the tentacles, where the secretion itself is produced. Once the prey has decomposed to a point where further nutrients cannot be gained, the leaf and tentacles return to their original position, ready to ensnare their next victim.To provide optimal care for Drosera capensis 'Wide,' it is recommended to place the plant in full sun and ensure that it sits in a dish with approximately 2 inches of water at all times. This carnivorous plant is not cold hardy and should be protected from freezes to maintain its health and vigor. Additionally, Drosera capensis 'Wide' is a suitable choice for terrariums with proper lighting, adding a captivating and unique element to these enclosed environments.Embrace the allure of Drosera capensis 'Wide' and witness the captivating interactions between nature and its unsuspecting prey. With its striking appearance, mesmerizing trapping mechanisms, and adaptability to different growing conditions, this sundew cultivar is sure to add intrigue and beauty to your garden or terrarium.Size guide:Small plants come in a 3" potMedium plants come in a 4" potLarge plants will come in a 5" pot

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