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3 Pack Venus Fly Trap Variety Pack

3 Pack Venus Fly Trap Variety Pack

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This variety pack has 3 special Venus fly trap cultivars!
King Henry which as it’s name implies boasts longer petioles and larger traps
Dente with its mutation that causes a shark teeth like feature
Akai Ryu or Red Dragon. When it gets intense light it will turn a gorgeous shade of red

As much sun as possible. These do not do well indoors. The plants still need sun for photosynthesis. The plants catch insects for nutrients. That's why you don’t add nutrients to the soil.

Lots and lots of water. Place the pot in a shallow tray and always keep up to 2” of water in the tray. You can not over water this plant. Be careful of city water and well water, if the salt content is too high it can build up and kill the plant. Distilled and Rainwater is the easiest water source to obtain. Growing outside reduces this concern as the rain comes and leeches the salts out.

A simple mix of a peat and perlite will work for any carnivorous plant. Beware of products with added nutrients, enrichment, or “Food” this in the soil will kill a carnivorous plant. Avoid Miracle-Gro or similar brands. It is wonderful for other plants but deadly for a carnivorous one.


These are generally winter hardy plants. Carnivorous plants will undergo a winter dormancy. For Venus Fly Traps and Sarracenia it is required that they stay outside all winter to have a dormancy. When temperatures dip below 15F it is time to bring them inside a cool garage to allow them to continue dormancy. 


These plants do not need to be fed like animals do. They will catch all the food they need. If you catch a bug for fun, go ahead and feed it!

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